It’s almost alpha testing time!

To set you up for a positive beta testing experience and to ensure that our expectations of each other are aligned, we’re inviting you to read and accept this ‘alpha testing promise‘. If you have any questions before proceeding, please don’t hesitate to email us:

With your support and valuable input, together we’re building a better DesktopServer. Please bear in mind things may be missing or not functioning as expected of the current released version, given that this is just the first alpha version and will continue to improve.

We’re excited to improve and finetune it with you so that we can launch this latest version.

For now though, the goal of this alpha testing is to ensure that DesktopServer in its current form works well! It’ll be most helpful if you can focus your feedback on any bugs, crashes, simple interface adjustments and text or labels that are unclear. You’re also welcome to submit new feature requests, but please note that we’re unlikely to be able to action these immediately.

Our Testing Promise

Our commitment to you:

We promise to:

  • Grant you exclusive early access to DesktopServer
  • Provide you with a system for submitting feedback
  • Read and process every single feedback ticket that we receive
  • Tell you which fixes and modifications we’ve made in response to your feedback
  • Notify you whenever we have an updated version ready for you to re-test
  • Acknowledge and explain any suggestions we’re unable to action at this stage
  • Include you in all further rounds of testing!

Your commitment to us:

You agree to:

  • Contribute as much time as you wish to test DesktopServer
  • Keep in mind that this is a work in progress that you are being trusted to help improve 
  • Submit reasonably detailed and specific feedback via our designated system. Refrain from sharing screenshots, making comments or posting reviews about DesktopServer to anybody who is not an alpha tester (i.e. on your social media channels, online community groups, etc) until this new version has been launched to the public*

I hereby accept and vow to uphold my commitments in the ‘alpha testing promise’