Installing DesktopServer 5.0 On MacOS

If you are reading this, you should have already downloaded the latest DesktopServer 5.0 build. If you have not done so, then please visit Downloading DesktopServer 5.0 Alpha/Beta which walks you through registration and download of the latest DesktopServer Test Build.

  • Once downloaded, open your Mac Finder
  • Navigate to your “Downloads” Directory
  • Find and Double-click on the DesktopServer5.dmg File
  • Click and hold down your mouse button on the DesktopServer Icon while simultaneously dragging it to the Applications Folder.
  • Once DesktopServer has been copied into your Applications Folder, right-click on the DesktopServer drive on your desktop and select, “Eject Desktopserver”

DesktopServer is now installed and you can now run it from your Applications Folder.

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