Using External Drives on macOS

On MacOS systems, there is an issue in which Apache is not able to access external drive volumes, whether they are network or USB drives. In order to store your website files on an external drive, the following steps must be followed.

Select, “Create a new development website.” from the Main Menu

Create a Site Name and set your Site Root to reflect a directory on your external drive

Select your Blueprint

Once your site has been created, you’ll see a warning explaining that you’ve installed a site on an external drive. In order for Apache to have access to these files, DesktopServer Helper must be restarted. Click on, “Restart DesktopServer Helper.”

A terminal window will now appear. Enter your Mac Administrative Password in order to start DesktopServer Helper

  • Close all Terminal Windows
  • Your site will now function as expected running from your external drive

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